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drawing class with a model and free expression From March 12th to March 17th, 2017

Drawing in Marrakech

From March 12th to March 17th, 2017, 6 hour workshop a day among which sessions with model
- 320€ for 4 days (included model’s fee) (we will work from march 13th to 16th) - Travel costs and drawing supplies will be paid and taken care of by each attendee.

- Accomodation for 6 days (room with half-board) : between 408€ (on a 6 participant-basis) and 354€ (on a 9 participant-basis) according to the number of attendees ; these prices include VAT as well as the stay and tourist taxes. It is possible to arrive earlier or leave later than the

workshop at the riad « Sahara Nour » and pay the same daily price as theworkshop’s
The accomodation cost is calculated on a double room/suite basis ; it is possible to stay in a single room upon notice provided an extra charge of 25 €per night.
4 days of immersion, drawing and working with Corine Pagny, graduated from the Ensaama, profesional artist specialised in drawing with model. She is willing to organise workshops in order to share her knowledge and know-how. (Nominated at the Azart Mac Paris 2012 Prize , currently exposes throughout France, London, Dubaï and Brussels) Please check out her work at http:// http://corinepagny.format.com/

Mathilde works both as a model and as a plastician painter. She loves travelling from one side to the other side of the mirror : the body is her entrance gate to tell stories, whether using body language or colours on the canvas. For more information about her work and her propositions, visit her website http://www.mathildelachal.com

Activities : this course will be about drawing, sketching, lines, observation, graphic translation, finding language telling the human body, movement. We will work seriously about being both relaxed and concentrated in order to practise diligently drawing with a model. I will teach you how to construct and deconstruct, how to find your own writing !
Level required : Some minimum knowledge in drawing, anatomical notions are welcomed.
Programme : We will learn how to draw using your eyes, changing your gestures. We will draw our emotions, the way the body breathes, we will look for the main lines, the vanishing lines, the strong lines. We will experiment, we will take risks !
WE WILL ORGANISE A COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION AT THE END OF THE COURSE in the riad patio. 1st and 2nd days : drawing classes with model, imposed exercises and free drawing, quick posing. 3rd day : drawing classes with model. Quick posing and movement posing.
4th day : Free drawing session with model in the morning. The afternoon will be dedicated to the preparation and installation of the exhibition : choosing what you will show, showcasing it and hanging it.

Material supplies for the workshop : I would advise to choose simple material and supplies. I would also recommend to focus on quantity rather than quality ! (We will need all kind of papers in a great amount) Base supplies (feel free to choose what makes you feel most confortable or what you feel like experimenting) :
-1 sketching paper pad, minimum A4 size
-1 mini sketch-book, size A5 or smaller (size one can fit in a pocket)
-100 loose sheets, size 65x50, small grammage with a board or a card board to support
-A water colour set or colour inks or colour pencils or colour felt tip pens
-scissors and cutter (to be put in the bagage hold in the plane)
-feathers and indian ink
-5 brushes ,from the smaller to the larger
-a ball pen
-an apron or old shirt

Registration form to be printed and returned with 2 reservation cheques : - A 150€ cheque made out to « Lucile Gache Bernard ». This cheque duly completed will be cashed 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop. The accomodation balance will be paid upon arrival in cash (Euros) or by credit card (visa or mastercard).
- a 100€ cheque made out to « Corine Pagny », before December 1st, to be sent to Corine Pagny, 18 rue Masson, 78740 Vaux sur Seine, France.


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Thanks for letting me know as soon as possible your questions and specific desideratas. I am looking forward to sharing with you this new adventure ! See you very soon, Corine

Ps : Please make sure you register before December 1st, 2016.
We need a minimum of 6 students for the workshop to take place (10 students maximum)
(Should the workshop be cancelled, you cheques will be returned !)

You need a valid passport to enter Morocco


Corine Pagny : corinepagny@gmail.com. Tél France:0(033)6 62 24 19 41.

our hosts: http://www.riadsaharanour-marrakech.com/maison-hotes.htm